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Designed to help people connect on their own terms, the Lava Life dating site offers 3 communities of personals in which you can post your profile and search: Adult Dating(casual stuff), Relationship (serious stuff), and Intimate Encounters (naughty stuff).

When you sign up for the first time you'll be entered into both of the first two, but Lavalife wisely gets you to tweak that profile for the intimate area.

Both these options are available through your dashboard.

It’s hard to find a flaw with this dating site, considering it combines a massive base of customers with piles of features.

I have only been on the site for about 3 days and it was nightmare and a complate waste of time.Dragons Den and more As an investor on CBC’s Dragons’ Den for three years (2011- 2013), Bruce added a broad range of businesses and products to his portfolio including Balzac’s Coffee and En RICHed Academy, which tap into his passion for digital media, marketing and contributing positively to the community.Going Offline Bruce is always game to pursue his other passion – the great outdoors.And that's only the half of it, as it also has live chat in "the Party", wide-ranging forums, and an "Click Magazine" where you can read up on everything from advice columns to horoscopes.In keeping up with the times, Lavalife can also be accessed by phone or through any mobile device.

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