Updating yum repositories

dsu --apply-upgrades-only     To get the list of only upgradable components dsu --apply-downgrades-only     To get the list of only downgradable components dsu --apply-equivalent-updates     To get the list including equivalent components dsu --update-list= When the type is --destination-type=ISO : DSU runs in the interactive mode and the selected updates are delivered as a bootable ISO. When ISO if used along with --non-interactive : A bootable ISO is created. The repository location should be configured using --config= When the type is --destination-type=CBD : CBD is Custom Bootable DSU.

DSU runs in the interactive mode and provides the selected updates along with deployment script.

The Puppet Development Kit (PDK) is the shortest path to better modules.

It makes it easier than ever to develop and test Puppet modules by providing a simple, unified interface to a set of helpful tools for anyone who writes or consumes Puppet code. Try it out now by downloading the PDK and running through the Getting Started guide.

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# yum install php Loaded plugins: product-id, refresh-packagekit, security, subscription-manager This system is not registered to Red Hat Subscription Management. # vi /etc/yum.repos.d/Cent (以下をコピー) [base] name=Cent OS-$releasever - Base mirrorlist=

If you have been using the RHEL images (or their snapshots) from September 2016 or later - likely no action is required.

If, however, you have older snapshots/VMs, their configuration needs to be updated for uninterrupted access to the Azure RHUI.

After increasing the submission softlimit from 64000000 to 1280000000 all problems were resolved. 1280000000 may be overkill, I didn't drop the memory allotment after the segmentation fault desisted. This will be automatic upon completion of the next qmail RPM: # echo "MANDATORY_MANPATH /var/qmail/man" /etc/man_* qmt-plus is available for install (YUM) in the repository for Cent OS 7 1) yum install qmt-plus 2) Includes mansfor, qm Handle, qmlog, qmqtool, queue_repair.py, and documentation (/opt/qmt-util). a) # qm Handle b) # qmqtool c) # qmlog d) # mansfor e) # queue_--help qt-bootstrap-2 d) # sh qt-bootstrap-2 e) # mv /opt/qmailtoaster-util/bin/qt-install /opt/qmailtoaster-util/bin/f) # curl -o /opt/qmailtoaster-util/bin/qt-install https://raw.githubusercontent.com/qmtoaster/cos6/master/qt-install g) # chmod 755 /opt/qmailtoaster-util/bin/qt-install h) # qt-install 3) Upgrade Cent OS 6/QMT (Dovecot upgrades require My SQL libraries unavailable in the Cent OS 6 repositories, Remi repositories must be installed and enabled) a) # rpm -Uvh https://raw.githubusercontent.com/qmtoaster/cos6/master/qmt-release-1-4el6.b) # yum-config-manager --disable qmailtoaster-current qmailtoaster-current-nodist c) # yum install yum-utils d) # yum install # yum-config-manager --enable remi remi-php56 f) # yum update g) # yum --enablerepo=qmt-testing update * Update Cent OS 5/QMT* 1) rpm -Uvh ftp://ftp.qmailtoaster.com/pub/repo/qmt/Cent OS/5/current/noarch/whtc-qmt-1-1el5.2) yum update 3) yum --enablerepo=whtc-qmt-testing update *If you still have a Courier IMAP/POP3 installation, update at your own risk.

Updating will delete Courier and replace it with Dovecot.

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