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In Danbury, CT, one nanny was caught on hidden camera burning a child and tossing her to the ground.

In Houston, TX, a hidden surveillance camera captured her abusing and repeatedly suffocating the baby she had been hired to care for.

Sextortion, or sexual blackmail, consists of a threat to reveal intimate information about a victim unless the victim pays money to the extorter.

In this connected, digital age, the information might include snippets of sexual text messages (sexts), intimate photos, even videos.

The PDQ cancer information summaries are reviewed regularly and updated as new information becomes available.Blackmail is a crime as old as time, and modern technology has helped it — like so many other things — explode.Criminals relieve their victims of money in a great variety of ways, but hacking communications such as text messages and webcams brings ruthless efficiency to a highly personal type of crime called sextortion.A police dash cam video during the arrest shows Martin stumbling toward Tovar's squad car. In opening statements to the jury, his attorney says if there was sex, it was consensual."You're going to see this is one of those women, who engage in sex for benefit and is willing to cry rape after a consent," said attorney Murray Bell.

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